Brass Letters & Logos

Brass Letters & Logos
Custom Cast Or Cut

Premium Brass letters and logos that conveys quality, tradition and luxury. From brushed satin to highly polished finishes that enrich interior or exterior signs.

Brass Letters & Logos Options

  • Sizes from 1/2″- 48″ high.
  • From 1/8″-3/4″ thick.
  • Finishes: Standard brushed satin (most popular), polished, and anodized.
  • Mounting options include adhesive (glued) or stud weld for small letters, rear pinned (studded) for 2″ and larger, flush mount (flat to the wall) or with spacers (for a raised look).
  • Lead free
  • Supplied with a mounting template for customer installation or we can install them for you.

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Installation Methods:

Stud Mount

Backs of letters and logos, at least ¼”thick, are drilled and tapped to receive threaded studs, for mounting to wall. For small 1/8″ thick , they are stud welded.

Stencil Guide

Computer generated paper tracing of letters and logos with drill locations of studs.